High-performance computing and storage solutions

Why build and deploy rows of cluster racks and hundreds to thousands of compute nodes? Because science! In today’s world high-performance computing is the backbone of scientific discovery and advancement. Computer aided science is how diseases are identified and cures are developed. It is how we calculate the trajectories of our satellites and plan the safety of our astronauts. It is how we find our energy deposits and how we design the energy sources of the future. In today’s world it is hard to find an aspect of life that isn’t supported in some way by scientific computing. Aeon Computing doesn’t just sell racks full of computer servers or storage boxes. We sell a integrated solution that we know will be used as an important tool in scientific discovery. Our solutions have to be fast, reliable and need to fit within the realistic world of scientific budget constraints.

Aeon Computing offers a wide spectrum of computing and storage solutions for a variety of industries, from research and scientific computing to life sciences and financial services. We also offer scalable, high-performance global file systems and storage with Lustre File System, ZFS and Ceph file systems and object storage pools.

Aeon Computing EclipseCluster™ HPC solutions are designed for high-performance, optimized parallel computing. EclipseClusters are built with the latest compute, storage, software tools, and fabric technologies to accelerate any application. Each is tailored to your specific application, physical requirements, and budgetary needs.

Aeon’s co-processing accelerators options provide GPU co-processing horsepower. Applications such as molecular modeling, weather modeling, and geophysical research which involve heavy floating point calculations can achieve computational speeds of up to 4.58 TFLOPs on a single card with our GPU and Xeon Phi solutions.