Multi-Cabinet Multi-Core Turn-Key Linux HPC Solutions


EclipseClusters are comprised of proven building blocks from our Eclipse line of computational and storage systems, Horizon storage arrays, interconnect technology, and software tools all designed to maximize utilization and minimize “wall-clock” time. Our EclipseClusters are delivered turn-key, tested and ready for science.


Aeon Computing EclipseCluster™ HPC solutions are built with the latest compute, storage, software tools, and fabric technologies to accelerate any application. Each solution is tailored to your specific application, physical requirements, and budgetary needs. In addition to these dynamics, EclipseCluster systems employ the latest methodologies in deploying, managing, and optimizing a HPC resource.

Lustre File System

· Scalable High-performance file system
· Support for thousands of nodes & many petabytes of capacity
· Proven performance
· Production-quality stability and resource failover
· Maintained as Open Source software by Intel High Performance Data Division and the OpenSFS Lustre consortium
· POSIX compliant filesystem
· Supports FDR Infiniband, QDR Infiniband, 40Gb Ethernet /10Gb Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. Also support multi-rail and multi-network service.
· Aeon Computing is a member of the OpenSFS Lustre consortium, helping to promote an open and robust Lustre for the HPC community



Powered by Intel® Xeon® E5-4600 v2 Series 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 core processors

The EclipseM™ is a true enterprise level high-performance 16 to 48-core 4-socket SMP server with support for up to 1.5TB of 1600Mhz memory. Built on the high-performance and power efficient Intel® Xeon™ E5-4600 series processor, the EclipseM™ delivers unprecedented performance, scalability, and peace of mind to your datacenter. The EclipseM™ is perfect for large memory, “fat node” or SMP applications while providing power efficiency and conserving valuable rack space.

From high-performance ZFS and Object Storage to Dark Archive and SATA and SAS based direct attached RAID

Dependable storage is the core of any system requiring stability. Aeon Computing has many options for your data storage needs and solutions that work.