Lustre File System

The leading high-performance computing open-source parallel filesystem used by most research computing centers worldwide.

Aeon Computing has been manufacturing turn-key, purpose-built Lustre file systems since 2004 (back in the v1.4 days) and we have a great deal of experience in what it takes to deliver fast, reliable and affordable Lustre deployments.

We can design a custom Lustre file system configuration to meet your performance and capacity needs as well as your budget. Aeon Computing incorporates tested and verified Lustre building blocks to deliver a turn-key solution that includes Lustre competent support.

What makes us different from some of the more well known Lustre solution providers? We use the same top quality and performance components as the more well known Lustre providers. We provide on-site deployment and support services. We forego the red paint and expensive overhead and instead provide a better quality and more affordable solution.

Lustre File System

  • Scalable high-performance parallel access file system
  • Support for thousands of nodes & many petabytes of capacity
  • Proven performance, linear performance scaling as configuration scales out
  • Production-quality stability and resource failover
  • Maintained as Open Source software by Intel High Performance Data Division and other members of OpenSFS community.
  • POSIX compliant filesystem
  • Supports FDR Infiniband, QDR Infiniband, OPA/Omnipath, 40Gb Ethernet /10Gb Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. Also support multi-rail and multi-network service
  • Supports HSM data movement and distributed name space operation
  • Native file system client for Linux. Windows and other clients can access via Lustre/NFS or Lustre/Samba gateway clients
  • Support for standard LDISKFS object storage targets as well as ZFS on Linux object storage targets
  • Custom tailored Lustre configurations based on Intel Enterprise Edition Lustre or open-source Lustre software

Aeon Computing and Lustre

  • Aeon Computing personnel started working with and deploying Lustre back in 2004 with Lustre version 1.4
  • We are a member of OpenSFS, Lustre’s community governing body and user community
  • Aeon Computing is an Intel® Lustre Elite provider of Lustre solutions and technical support
  • One of the first major Lustre/ZFS deployments where ZFS was layered directly onto disk drives (no hardware RAID) as SDSC’s DataOasis2, designed and built by Aeon Computing
  • One of the largest Lustre/ZFS production deployments was designed and built by Aeon Computing, Los Alamos National Laboratory’s twin 14PB Lustre/ZFS file systems