Questions and Answers about Aeon Computing

The Aeon in Aeon Computing has three meanings:
In science: An aeon (or eon) refers to a one billion year period of time.
In ancient languages: An aeon refers to eternity or the eternity of life.
In gnostic texts: The aeons are beings that manage the mechanism of the universe and existence.

Aeon Computing was founded in February, 2009 by three veterans of the high-performance and enterprise computing industry.
Aeon Computing is a privately held company incorporated in the state of California, USA.

Bluntly speaking, we know what we are doing. We design solutions tailored to our customer’s needs. There are large household name high-performance computing manufacturers that have deep expertise. We have the expertise and are usually much more affordable and flexible for our customers. There are smaller companies that mindlessly try to sell sell hardware whose expertise in high-performance computing doesn’t go beyond spelling HPC in their company name. We feel Aeon Computing is a perfect balance of technical expertise, flexibility and affordability in high-performance computing and our customers agree.

Aeon Computing does business worldwide. We have deployments all over the United States as well as international countries including (but not limited to) Canada, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong SAR, Australia, Singapore, Chile and Brazil.

Aeon Computing sells direct to customers as well as selling through resellers and consultants. While most of our products and services are sold direct to customers we do work in partnership with resellers in a close and protected partnership on projects and opportunities.

As a high-performance computing manufacturer we understand that many of our customers engage in research, intellectual property and other applications that require strict confidentiality. Aeon Computing takes these matters very seriously. As a privately-held company we do not have to disclose our business relationships, customer applications or technical details of our deployments. Additionally Aeon Computing enters into confidentiality agreements with our customers if necessary.

Questions and Answers about our products

No. All of our products and solutions are based upon 100% new products with full manufacturers’ warranties.

Yes. All of our products are fully assembled and rigorously tested using product appropriate stress testing utilities prior to shipment.

Yes. We view our customer relationships as just that, a relationship. Our products come with lifetime (of the product) technical support. We offer several levels of technical support from phone and web-based trouble ticket reporting to 7/24 engineering level onsite support. Our web-based trouble ticket support system is free for the life of the product. Higher levels of support are are available on a product or site contract basis.

Yes. We can provide benchmark results performed on our products using commonly accepted high-performance computing or storage benchmarks. In addition to this we allow potential customers to remotely login to our development cluster and run benchmarks of their specific code or application on a product. This is typically part of a larger process of developing the best product configuration for a customer application.


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