The Horizon-W102 is a best-in-class performance storage solution. A 4U 102 disk drive top-loading rackmount JBOD enclosure with dual removable 12Gb SAS expanders with dual-pathing host interfaces and up to 120 3.5-inch Western Digital enterprise SAS disk drives. Disk drives are available in 6TB, 8TB and 10TB, 12Tb, 14TB, 16TB and 18TB capacities, 12Gb SAS interfaces and 7200 RPM with full enterprise grade technology. Options like encrypted drives, secure erase drives and instant secure erase drives are available. The Horizon-W102 provides a reliable and affordable performance storage building block needed for ZFS, Lustre OST and other performance storage applications.

  • Base model is 612TB comprised of 102 6TB 7200 RPM Western Digital Enterprise SAS 6Gb Disk Drives
  • 4U 102 disk drive top-loading chassis
  • 102 3.5-inch 7200 RPM enterprise 12Gb SAS disk drives.
  • Hot-pluggable and removable disk sleds.
  • 6TB, 8TB, 10TB, 12TB, 14TB, 16TB or 18TB disk drives.
  • 12Gb SAS, dual-expander host interfaces. Removable SAS expander modules.
  • Full Redfish and SES in-band management and monitoring of FRUs and drive slots.
  • LED identification of drive slots and FRU modules (power supplies, fans)
  • Redundant and removable N 1 power supplies and cooling fans.

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  • Hardware Options

  • Disk drive selection for 4U 102 disk Western Digital UltraData102 4U Performance JBOD system. Costs are for sets of 120 disk drives.
  • SAS PCI-Express HBA and Accessory Options

  • PCI-Express SAS Host Bus Adapter selection for connection of HGST 4U60 to host system.
  • Support Options

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The Horizon-W102 JBOD is a high-density storage solution for performance high-availability storage applications. The Horizon-W102 combines 102 high-capacity SAS 12Gb enterprise class Western Digital disk drives with multi-path, redundant 12Gb SAS expanders providing large bandwidth host I/O path to large and dense disk storage.


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